P.S. Winn Books

All 47 books 39  novels & short story collections and 8 kids books are on Amazon & Barnes and Noble. I am trying to figure out the how to’s and what for’s of promoting.
I am not sure what I am doing exactly, but I am still winging it and heading for the goal of 50  books in 5 years by October 2017.

P.S. Winn Books

The Novels

“Foretold” –  Predictions come true as the ultimate showdown between good and evil begins. One place in Idaho is a shining light for those looking for hope.

“Voices”  –  A serial killer is murdering the down and out as the voices whisper. Sadly, even the killer can’t remember the murders.

“ Obligations”  – A car wreck takes Josh to the other side and then back as he is given the obligation to find and destroy the evil that followed.

“Tunnels” – Nikki is called home when her father becomes sick. It’s not until she gets there that she finds he caught the disease through the tunnels in a parallel world.

“Capernicious” – Sue and Cheryl have been friends a long time, now Sue is married and finds her husband changing after starting his new job at Capernicious academy. The two friends have to get together to figure out why.

“B.A. 47” –   An explosion next to a subdivision reveals a conspiracy and the witnesses in the neighborhood are in a race for their lives.

“Pacific Passage” – Winning a dream cruise, Bree takes her two best friends along. The nightmare begins when the cruise wrecks as it goes through a vortex.

“Suppression” – The actual true story of a man with a device that can end pollution and create cheap or free energy, guess who doesn’t want that?  Maybe it could be the government and their big oil  backers.

“Lies in Shadows” – Lucretia was sheltered all her life, now with her parents dead, and a memory block crumbling, she is finding the horrific reasons why.

“Phases” – George is a nice guy, well, except that one night a month. Hopefully Jake can help.

“Mystic Valley” – If the government hid the paraphernalia from Area 51, you might find it in Mystic Valley

“The New Moon Killer” – Not all killers strike on the full moon. Becca and Tom are hunting one in the present while Becca heads to past lives through hypnosis to help with Chronic Pain

“Healings” – As a healer, Andrew has walked the earth since Biblical times. Meeting his soul mate might change all that.

“Superstition Canyon” – The Native Americans hid a relic years ago, now it has been found and the finder has to be stopped before he unleashes something terrible.

“Collisions” – Using a Ouija Board, Lindy causes a rip in the veil between worlds, now they are colliding.

“Viewings” – As a remote viewer, Greg has seen a lot of strange things, but what he finds in an old barn will amaze even him.

“At Hidden Lake” – Something is hidden at the lake, three friends are in danger when they uncover the hidden secrets and who was behind them.

“Parallel Adventures – Into the Caves” –  When twins Jayden and Jenny step into the caves near their home, they discover the doorway to parallel worlds.

“Parallel Adventures – Secrets Revealed” –  The Parallel adventures continue. Jenny and Jayden are going to find amazing secrets about the past, present and future.

“A Gradual Decline” – Serial killer Riley Jackson is going to be executed. Rick Holton has the exclusive story, but does he have too much empathy for the killer?

“Judgments” – A serial killer is committing gruesome crimes, who, how and why, may shock you.

“Of Jeebies and Journeys” – The Jeebies have stolen something from Ellie. Her husband Jed is going to journey to the other side to try and find her and give it back.

“Into The Doorways” – Terrene is a parallel world in trouble, they have opened the doorways to try and find a new home. Not as easy as it sounds.

“Correlations” – Lacey is going to find everything is related and will need help from this world and the next to stop the past that is haunting her.

“Whitmore Hills” –  The psychiatric center houses those with mental problem, but they aren’t the crazy ones.

“Transpirations”  – Jess is a healer, but a fringe religious group is going to try and stop that as a conspiracy unfolds.

“Realities” – Sometimes the realities of life are not what we expect and may be more supernatural than real.

“Presence” – Andi Moore has a special gift, she can see spirits. As woman are abducted, Andi is asked to help. This is only the second time in her life she has come face to face with evil.

“Just Divine” – When two friends buy a coffee shop with a house attached, they are going to find a twisted mystery with a paranormal twist.

“Disturbance & Destruction” – The worst has happened, a man brought the world to destruction. Now it is 2047 and a few survivors that escaped to a parallel world are headed back to search for any survivors and to see if anything of the old world is left.

“Deadly Afflictions” – Dealing with anxiety, Amy wants to change her life, instead she lands in the middle of murder, mystery and more.

“Fatal Pretense” – The people of Aurora were excited to have much needed jobs when a drug company opened its’ doors. Then strange happenings and deaths have them scrambling to find the truth, before more bodies pile up.

“Believing” – In a world of good and bad, some people are gathering and discovering they have special talents and gifts that are a bit supernatural and badly needed to make the world a better place for all.

“Unveilings” – Coming back from a near death experience and waking in the hospital was a miracle. When Tina realizes she also came back without the veil that hides this world from the next, her life changes forever.

“Scrutiny” – coming soon psychological medical thriller!

Short Story Collections

“Visitations” –  Can others reach us after they pass on to the other side, you might be surprised.

“Heartfelts” – Life hands us hard things, poems and short stories tackle them with uplifting messages.

“Stretched Stories”  – Tall tales that can be enjoyed by all ages and great to share.

“Stretched Stories 2” – More tall tales, read them aloud with the ones you love.

“Wings to Whispers” – A touch or a whisper may just be a loved one saying hello from the other side.

“Life Bridges” – In life we build bridges, three people fought prejudice to build the bridges of understanding that touch our lives.

“Tidbits and Treasures” – Poems, poems and more poems, plus a few insights added in.

Comic books for adults

“The Golden Years” – Humorous comics about growing old.

“The Golden Years 2” – More comics, no one wants to grow old, don’t go gracefully, have fun.

For Children

“The Alphabet Book” – Preschool reader, learn the alphabet with happy rhymes

“The Number Book”  – Preschool rhymes teach numbers with fun

“The Secret Life of Goats”  – Fun early reader, rhyming tale about a family of goats and the secrets they keep.

“No, Jimmy, No” – Nobody wants to hear the word “No”.  Jimmy looks for a place without the word. Fun rhyming early reader.







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